There is a huge range of possibilities when you decide to dive on the philipines.
This report regards to a small island which becomes famous due the fantastic treasure sharks.
To get to malapascua you usally travel vie Cebu Intl Airport apart from you're one of the plemty island hoppers here. from Cebu Airport the transfer takes approematly 3-4 hours incl. a 30 minutes boat ride from the edge of Cebu to Malapascua. Maybe you get wet feets here depending of the tide.due themcircusmstance that there is no ATM on the island nd credit-cards will not acceptet anywhere you should change enough many here on the island.

Ocnce arrived on the island your reward is a turquise sea, blending beaches and a fantastic atmosphere. Here is everything unique, no ATM's , less TV, no supermarket(only one is hidden behind the Ocean Vida resort and looks more like a old living room where you ca buy some cigarettes or water.)
Max 10 Motorbikes are crossign the islands and nightlive is nearly prihibited - because noone needs it. Except there is a beach party which os organiced fro one of the many diveshops.
My recommomdation on the island is defintiv the Ocean Vida with the flanking dive shop Sea Explorer.
The accomodation is one of te best and newest on malapascua and have mostly direct beach acces with clean big rooms incl. A/C and thx good no TV
Howeevr you'll find mnay budget resorts arrount the island - especcialy at bounty beach.
don't forget to enjoy the fantastic chill ou beach ours from 4pm onwards, because then you've the chance to sit at the beach in frot of Ocean Vida and enjoy the happy hour - be fast, the pillows are often and quick occupied.

For diving as well the sea explorers offer a riemdly and proffsioal servic, with many boats, dive shedules but all times small groups. a must to to of course is the early morning dive at 4:30 to see the amazong treasure sharks and with some luck Mantas circulting over your head.
a second must to dive is the dayteip to Gato island with a breathless dive sitting in a cave and watcing the whittipshakrs direct in drot of you.

What you cado ithe night time is only relaxeong and chilling. Only the sunsplash resort offers a small beach bar in the evening with some music and good food.


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