When you´re interested- something about us

Basically you´ll find on this homepage the way to many intersting and amzing dive-destinations around the world and this one will have all the same motto: “Individual instead global”

You don´t find the usal basic-country-informations, because these are so easy to find in many many catalogues from different tour-operators. Furthermore we´re diver and don´t get so much culture infos in our holidays - so the main information is around the hotels, beaches and of course the dive-sides ! So please get you basic informations about the immigration-rules, culture, immunizatioin, Weather etc on other websides !


The most destinations on this side, i grant, are totally exotic and so they have very beautiful dive-destinations. Mostly you need a long time to get there, but this long-haul-flights and this long trips are worthwhile !


But sometimes we also make a stopover in big major cities like New York ore Singapore, because this experiences are also for divers a must. Mostly we stay only for a short stop over to our final destinations in the tropics.

We avoid Tour-Opeator with full organized tours and all-inclusive service, because the most beautiful dive sides and the little homly resorts you can only booked individually. So you can choose you prefered airlines with your preferd hotel, resort, transfer and time you want to travel. Particular for this kind of travel you can get a lot of tips from this homepage.


We´re overbalancing specialised in the area around south-east-asia, mostly Thailand and Indonsia where we´ve have stayd more than 200th times (maybe a 2nd home) - here you get guaranteed insiderinfos ! But the other areas are visited mostly also multiple.

So click in the respective menue your favorite destination an you start your virtual journey. To get to the photo-library you must click the same german side - there is a link to many many photos around our voyages !


If you don´t find some requested informations or you´ve some supplements  to the described destiantions don´t hesitate to contact us  = Contact


Now have fun and let´s get wet soon !!



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