Wrongly called as one of the expensive destination in the world. If you plan individually and try to figure out some budget appartments it´s a really affordable place to stay.

To get there: for example nonstop with Condor from Frankfurt or many daily flights with stops via Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Addhis Abeba. After arrival on Mahe the most traveller connecting to Praslin or La Digue. Praslin have many beautiful beaches and a huge variety of accomodation but there we sty only one night after arrival. We only know the Le Port Guesthouse which is perfect located close to the jetty - in this case for traveling the next day with the ferry to La Digue. It´s a nice and clean private accomodation with all things that you need. One “Take away” restaurant with fanstic food is just 300 m away. High recommendable.


Arriving on La Digue (many daily departures - e.g. Cat Roses) the 1st thing to do is to rent a bike - there are many rental stations all arround the island and especially at the jetty. The prices are all similar - bargain a discount when you stay more than 3 days (arround 100 Sey-Rup. a day)

A perfect and affordable accomodation are the Domain Les Rocher under the leadership from Costa - a kind italian guy who owns this perfect resort with all amenities. Big rooms with big patio and connected kitchen and equipped with all staff that you need: Even a washing mashine, fridge, cooking facilities and when you arrive a well prepared refrigarator with bread, butter, orangejuice, egs etc.

For diving we recommend the Trek divers - located directly at the jetty with a big and very comfortable boat - even Nitrox filling station is on the boat and a beautiful sundeck and well equipped kittchen for preparing lunch between diving. Really nice and well educated service on board. The most dive places are only 10 to 20 minutes from the jetty.

In the evening join the Fish Trap Restaurant - a unique place where you can enjoy the sunset direct at the beach - even live bands playing every evening. Cheap restaurants are difficult to find, because the most belongs to a hotel, exception is a small italian restaurant close the the parish hall - there you´ll find a small street where the italien restaurant is located- perfect pizza for arround 10 Euros.

Otherwise you can cook yourself in mentioned appartment or take stunning food from severals Take Away shops all arround the island - approx. 50 Seychelles Rup. - absolut fantastic and must to try.

Don´t froget to visit the very famoust beaches on La Digue - nearly every postcard represent the worldwide beautiful beaches - btw: on the way you´ll find very old and amazing tortoise. At the beaches are some beverage shops - even they sell very good cocktails - of course not to cheap ;-) Enjoy the stunning view at one of the beautiful places in the world.


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